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White Flyer Is Sensitive To Environmental Issues

Developed after years of extensive research and testing White Flyer has added the White Flyer Bio to our product line. Realizing the sensitivity of the issues facing gun club and shooting ranges, it took over 15 years to develop a biodegradable target that would meet the needs of the 21st century. This biodegradable target shares all the superior flight and breakability characteristics of the Standard White Flyer target and is available in orange top, all orange, orange dome, all black and all white. The White Flyer Bio targets are held to the same strict performance requirements as our standard targets and function in both hand set and automatic traps. All White Flyer Bio targets will biodegrade at least 95% within two years, depending on rainfall or contact with moisture into elements found in nature.

Targets painted on both sides with a non-toxic paint to provide maximum visibility for all shooting disciplines.

White Flyer Bios will biodegrade at least 95% within two years depending on rainfall or contact with moisture.

Ingredients are non-hazardous and non-toxic.

Targets should be kept out of direct contact with moisture and humid conditions should not effect the targets or breaking characteristics.

Accumulation of Bio targets in a certain area can affect the ph levels of the soil.