Sauer 202 Classic 375H&H Mag

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Sauer 202 Classic 375H&H Mag, Wood Stock, Case
With more than 350,000 rifles sold, SAUER is the largest post-war manufacturer of repeaters. The experience gathered here is the driving force for innovation and our consistent concentration on the needs of hunters. And this is how we came to create the S 202, a repeater that is second to none in terms of form and function, technology and precision.
The receiver.  This component, machined in one piece from solid metal, is the basic element of the SAUER 202. All other components are attached to this part. This principle guarantees consistently superior performance and versatility.
Six Locking Lugs.  The bolt opens smoothly at an angle of 60° with no risk of jamming. Six lugs lock the bolt directly in the special steel barrel. Barrel- and calibre changes are possible within the calibre category.