PMC 5.56 55gr FMJ BT 200 Round Battle Pack XP193 TSE#24783

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For the money, this is stunningly good ammunition and for the ammunition hoarder or prepper, this is packaged impeccably. The X-Tac from PMC is situated right in the middle of the pack for versatility: in that, it works in basically any mainstream configuration/barrel twist/gas setup, and it is also exceptionally accurate, reliable and clean, given its pricing.

FMJ M193 ammo, this is a fairly straightforward load making 3120 FPS at the bore along with 1305 ft. Lbs. of energy, and offers repeatable performance, when consistency counts for everything. Suitable for use as a target round and much more, this offers a relative value due to the great brass, accuracy, closely held tolerances and superb quality control for the price.

A clean burning powder rounds off the benefits of this round that legitimately punches above its weight class for a majority of shooters who need bulk ammo for a great price that meets or exceeds normal commercial specifications.

200 rounds packed as 10 boxes of 20 inside of a heavy-duty plastic pouch to keep the elements from affecting your rifle rounds. Keep your powder dry.