Norinco NP29 1911 9mm 5". TSE # 6432.

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Norinco's NP-29 1911A1-type handgun offers all the ergonomics and reliability of the legendary 'forty-five' and is chambered for the lighter recoil more economical 9x19mm parabellum cartridge. It has all the features for which its famous bigger brother the Norinco M-1911A1 'Government' is known: forged steel construction, chrome-lined barrel, and the same battle- and competition-proven John Browning design.

At around one third the cost of its domestically made counterparts, the Norinco NP-29 offers unprecedented value for the money. Though they shoot well right out of the box, some cost-conscious shooters obtain Norinco 1911A1 pistols and use the many hundreds of dollars they've saved to turn their new guns into one-of-a-kind forged frame custom pistols.