Nanuk 935 6Up Pistol Case. Silver.

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The Nanuk 6-Up pistol case makes transporting up to 6 pistols a breeze.

Constructed of lightweight NK-7tm Resin, these are durable and waterproof.  With a precut foam interior for 6 pistols, ten magazines, and plenty of clearance for trigger locks these cases are ready to get you to the range.  These also include a removable section of interior foam letting you swap 2 pistol spaces for more room for gear!


Exterior dimensions:  L20.5″ x W11 . 3″ x H 7.5″
                                   L521mm x W287mm x H191mm 

Interior dimensions:   L22.0″ x W14.0″ x H9.0″
                                   L559mm x W356mm x H229mm 

Weight (empty):         13.1lbs / 5.9kg

 Lid depth:                  2.1″ / 53mm

Base depth:                5.4″ | 137mm

Material:                     Lightweight NK-7™ resin

Max buoyancy:           58 lbs | 26.4 kg

Temperature range:   Min -20°F (-29°C ) Max 140°F (60°C)

Watertight:                 Yes

Warranty:                   Conditional Lifetime Guarantee