MEPRO FT Bullseye Sight Green For Sig Pisols 9mm & .357 TSE # 23465

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Meprolight specializes in night sights. Their line of tritium sights includes a wide array of tactical sights for the ERRORERROR and civilian markets, including rifle sights, pistol sights, and ERROR, as well the ERROR needed to install their tritium sights and other aiming systems. Meprolight is one of the most popular brands of ERROR with over 4.5 million gun sight sets sold.

Meprolight sights are combat proven. Since 1990 Meprolight has been at the top of the heap when it comes to self-illuminated weapon aiming systems. Meprolight sights come in a variety of high contrast colors to fit your preferences. The use of Meprolight sights dramatically increases hit probability. Using tritium lighting technology, Meprolight sights are battery and maintenance free, offering up to 15 years of no-hassle light under all conditions. They also have one of the strongest guarantees in the night sight industry, making it not surprising that they are in widespread use by military and law enforcement professionals across the globe.

Meprolight also applies the same standards of quality and performance to their line of ERROR and ERROR. With a wide range of aiming systems for pistols, rifles, shotguns and handguns, Meprolight makes a set of sights for everyone. To learn more about the benefits of Meprolight products, contact OpticsPlanet today.