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Mechanix Wear - MCX M-Pact Gloves Multicam XXL TSE#24792

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Form-fitting TrekDry material with MultiCam camouflage helps keep hands cool and comfortable.
Thermal Plastic Rubber hook and loop closure provide a secure fit.
Seamless single layer palm provides maximum dexterity.
Nylon web loop provides convenient glove storage.
Machine washable.

The M-Pact 3 features internal fingertip reinforcement for extreme abrasion resistance and embossed patterning for added grip where you need it most. The two-piece palm construction reinforces high-wear areas and reduces material bunching to preserve dexterity when handling firearms.

Product description
Size: XX-Large
The Original glove revolutionized the hand protection industry with its versatile design and has faithfully served its users ever since. Durable synthetic leather extends the life of the glove and form-fitting TrekDry material with MultiCam camouflage helps keep hands cool and comfortable in any environment. Keep your gloves secure to your gear or pack with the nylon cord loop positioned beneath each wrist. The Original provides unmatched fit, feel and functionality so you can focus on what lies down range.

MultiCam Camouflage | Blend In
MultiCam camouflage was developed to effectively disguise the wearer across varied environments, seasons, elevations and light conditions. The pattern takes advantage of the human eye and how the brain perceives shape, volume, and color. With only a small portion of the eyes responsible for perceiving color, the brain 'fills-in' what the observer sees as part of the background. The integration of MultiCam into Mechanix tactical gloves help maintain the patterns' effectiveness in the operating environment.