Maple Ridge Armoury

Maple Ridge Armoury Trident Flash Hider, .223/5.56. TSE # 23099.

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Maple Ridge Armoury Trident Flash Hider


A modern take on the three-pronged flash hider. This style is known to be very effective at reducing the firearms flash signature.  A tap has been run down the centre to cut notches inside the prongs which help disturb the gas flow. This disturbance helps to cool hot particles that would otherwise cause flash, making it even more effective at darkening the flash.

·         Choice of .30 cal (5/8" threads) or .22 cal (1/2" threads)

·         AISI 4140 steel

·         Reduces recoil and muzzle rise

·         Low-glare nitride finish has a dark slate gray colour

·         Includes crush washer

·         Made in Canada

·         Weight: 3.3oz (1/2" version) or 2.9oz (5/8" version)

·         Dimensions: 2.5” x 0.85” (L × Diameter)