Maple Ridge Armoury

Maple Ridge Armoury Defiant Brake. .223/5.56mm. TSE # 23101.

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Maple Ridge Armoury Defiant Brake


A compact, functional brake that avoids the need for top vents by the slightly angled impact faces. The parallelogram-shaped slots are located slightly above the centreline to provide a larger surface area on the bottom side, to provide even more downforce on your muzzle.


·         Choice of .30 cal (5/8" threads) or .22 cal (1/2" threads)

·         AISI 4140 steel

·         Reduces recoil and muzzle rise

·         Low-glare nitride finish has a dark slate gray colour

·         Includes crush washer

·         Made in Canada

·         Weight: 2.6oz (1/2" version) or 2.9oz (5/8" version)

·         Dimensions: 2.5” x 0.85” (L × Diameter)