Leupold Gunmaker Base - Windage Gloss TSE#12757

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The Leupold steel standard bases and rings are the most versatile of any mounting system we offer. The rear ring is secured by windage adjustment screws, allowing the scope's internal adjustments to be reserved for precise sight-in. Additionally, shims can be used for gross elevation adjustment, reserving the scope's elevation adjustment for bullet drop compensation dial applications.

Product Info for Leupold Gunmaker Rifle Scope Bases
Leupold Gunmaker Rifle Scope Bases are intended for those who embrace the philosophy of one hundred percent customization. With these unique bases, you get the freedom to tailor your scope mounting system to specific configurations. There are no pre-drilled holes or fluting, which affords you the freedom to custom drill holes, cut to length, cut flutes, and cut a specific radius. Our classic gunmaker base is similar to our STD 2-piece bases. The front base accepts a dovetail ring, and the rear base houses the windage and adjustment screws (Dovetail and Windage Models Sold Separately).