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L.P.A. Adjustable Rear Sight TSE#14582

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A shotgun rear sight BAR11W which is fully adjustable, through strong hardened click screws, with a coin of any size. 


Intended for rough service, this sight has a pair of “wings” shaped to protect the removable ghost ring. The base of sight is designed for quick fixing on weaver or Picatinny rail.

Windage and elevation adjustment provided by two hardened screws.


Technical Specification:
• Type: Adjustable Rear sight with 2mm Hole Ghost Ring
• Be mounted on Shotguns
• For barrel: Smooth
• With fiber optic: No
• Tactical: Yes
• For a rifle with rib: No
• Rear Sight: Adjustable
• Height Adjustment: from 11,5 to 16,5mm over Picatinny rail.


LPA code: BAR11WD7