Hoppe's 9 Phosphor Bronze Brush, 9mm Pistol TSE#17177

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The HOPPE'S phosphor bronze brushes were developed to function as the most suitable way to be sure that your firearm is clean and effectively maintained. Constructed working with heavy duty and trustworthy materials. The HOPPE'S phosphor bronze brushes are evidence of their dedication to supplying the best cleaning instruments for virtually every shooter. HOPPE'S bore brushes are ideal for most cleaning jobs. These brushes provide a thorough multi-directional scrubbing action. The stout bristles are efficient for cleaning.

Stout bristles for efficient cleaning
Soft and washable
Multi-Directional scrubbing action
Phosphor bronze bristles harder and stiffer
Corrosion and fatigue resistant
The Hoppe's No. 9 Phosphor Bronze brush is most effective on lead
Stout bristles allow for an efficient cleaning.
Designed for use with 9mm pistol