Hazard 4

Hazard 4 Blood Type Lacers TSE#9659

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-Exclusive design/form-factor for multiple mounting options of blood type patch
-Snap-hook carabiner for fast clipping to gear or clothing
-Loops onto most footwear with laces or pull-loops
-Durable rubber material and flexible, 3-d injection-molded graphics are always legible; easy to remove and wash
-Main Material: TPR rubber 3-D injection-molded

Product description
The wise front-line soldier's practice of field-marking one's blood-group on the boot-heel (typically with duct-tape and felt-marker), inspired this Hazard 4(R) exclusive blood-type plaque. The 3-d injection-molded rubber marker is far more durable than the traditional solution since it cannot be wiped off, scratched-off, or dissolved by most solvents.

A more professional choice for a unit or individual operator in its appearance, it, more importantly, prevents misreading (imagine B+ becoming B- after some trail-wear). The form-factor allows multiple fast-mounting methods. In keeping with the on-boot tradition, weave them into boot laces, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally (slotted holes allow for different lace-hole spacings).

Wear them like/with dog-tags (i.d. medallions) or on a lanyard around the neck. Use paracord to make them into a bracelet. Sew them onto clothing/gear or Velcro(TM) backing using the perimeter trench. Or clip them anywhere since they are sold with a durable aluminum black carabiner. They come in sets of two with one clip in a variety of subdued colors and feature a raised guilloche pattern in the background to break up mud/ice.

They can even be screwed, riveted, grommeted, or nailed onto hard surfaces such as plastic cases, wooden crates, etc. to mark personal gear or a paramedic's blood supply. Also available in glow-in-the-dark. Specify blood-type when buying.