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Gear Sector Surefire Scout Offset Light BLK TSE#8314

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Product Description
The Patented [ US Patent No. D669,149 ] Gear Sector™ offset flashlight mount was designed to provide a low profile, ergonomic solution for attaching a weapon light to a Picatinny rail. We designed the mount to fit perfectly flush with the Tango Down rail panels for an uninterrupted rail space. This model fits the Surefire Scout Light® series lights which include the M300A, M300B, M600B, M600C, and M600U weapon lights. It comes complete with all mounting hardware, screws, allen keys, and Vibra-Tite® to make installation fast and easy. Mod 3 introduces an 1144 StressProof® heat treated full-width steel index.

Product Fitment
The Surefire Scout Light® Offset Flashlight Mount has been tested and found to fit the following flashlights:

Arisaka 300 Series Light
Arisaka 600 Series Light
LensLight K.O WM
ProTac® Rail Mount 1
ProTac® Rail Mount 2
Surefire® M300A Mini Scout Light®
Surefire® M300B Mini Scout Light®
Surefire® M300C Mini Scout Light®
Surefire® M300V Mini Scout Light®
Surefire® M600 AA Scout Light®
Surefire® M600B Scout Light®
Surefire® M600C Scout Light®
Surefire® M600P Fury® Scout Light®
Surefire® M600U Ultra Scout Light®
Surefire® M600V IR Scout Light®
Surefire® M600V AA IR Scout Light®
Materials & Construction
The Surefire Scout Light® Offset Flashlight Mount is constructed using multiple base materials and is precision CNC machined from billet stock. Material and finish processes are outlined below:

Base Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Base Finish: Military Specification ( MIL-A-8625F ) Type III, Class II Hard Coat
Index Material: 1144 StressProof® heat treated steel
Index Finish: Nitrocarburising by Nitrotec®
Weight: 0.96 ozs.
Compliance: 100% Berry Amendment Compliant
Origin: Proudly Made in the USA
Package Contents
The Surefire Scout Light® Offset Flashlight Mount comes complete with the following components:

1ea. Surefire Scout Light® Offset Flashlight Mount
2ea. 8×32 5⁄16ths long cap screws for attaching the light to mount
1ea. 3⁄32nd hex key for securing light retaining screws
1ea. 9⁄64th hex key for securing the mount to the rail system
1ea. Vibra-Tite® VC3™ thread locking compound.
1ea. Installation instructions