Fenix AR102 Pressure Switch. TSE # 10758.

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• The pressure pad cover is made from durable colloidal silica, rated for 100,000 cycles and 1 A electric current, your flashlight is activated just by any of the four sensors
• The coiled cable is made from resilient PU material, 23cm in length when coiled, 80 cm in length when expanded
• The tail adaptor connected to the flashlight is made from T6-grade aluminum with Type III hard-anodized finish for anti-scratch and anti-abrasive durability
• The side switch in the tail adaptor is rated for 1A electric current and works separately to the pressure pad switch
• Water-proof to IPX-8 standard
• The tail adaptor is 25.4 mm in diameter, 40 mm in length, and works with Fenix PD35, TK11R5, TK12, TK15, TK21, TK22, TA20, TA21 flashlights
• Total weight - 53.2 grams including pressure pad switch, coiled cable and tail adaptor