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Federal Ammunition 12GA 3" 1 oz Truball Rifled Slug HP 5 Rounds TSE#24203

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Innovative design for smoothbore shotguns
• Accuracy comparable to rifled shotgun barrels
• A stabilizing system for groups up to 75% tighter

This innovative design allows smoothbore shotgun shooters to attain accuracy comparable to that of shotguns with rifled barrels. A unique projectile stabilizing system results in groups up to 75% tighter than those shot from smoothbore barrels using rifled slugs. Box of 5 rounds.

Gauge    Shell Length    Projectile Weight    Velocity
     12                 3"                1 oz.               1700 fps

Federal Premium Vital-Shock Rifled Slugs were designed for maximum performance and reliability. Federal realized that the majority of slug hunters use a traditional smoothbore rifled slug ammunition and they set a goal to make a smoothbore slug that was more effective and accurate than traditional designs.

What did Federal do to make a more accurate slug for smoothbore slug hunters? They came up with the TruBall Rifle Slug. This is a slug that uses a simple plastic ball between the wad and the base of the slug. When the round is fired the ball centers the slug in the barrel. This self-centering design makes this slug extremely accurate. Upgrade your smoothbore without changing barrels.
Technical Information

Gauge/Bore: 12
Shell Length: 3"
Slug Type: TruBall Hollow Point Rifled
Slug Weight: 1 oz.

Ballistics Information:

Muzzle Velocity: 1700 fps
Muzzle Energy: 2807 ft. lbs