FABARM XLR Composite Olive Green 12ga TSE#14753

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Limited series of the semi-automatic rifle at the most rectilinear shooting, Fabarm XLR presents with a finished composite Olive Green.

The low-friction HP Tribore Barrel with which it is equipped offers optimum velocity retention for the Fabarm XLR Composite rifle. Its 3 Inner HP chokes effectively modulate performance, including steel.

The Pulse Piston arming system integrated with the Fabarm XLR semi-automatic system considerably reduces the shock at the recoil, which gives it exceptional shooting stability.

With his gun butt composite finish olive green, this edition limited the Fabarm XLR out for sure the fighter who possesses it. A Soft Touch coating makes it a perfect grip.

Milled to Weaver standards, the Ergal 55 carcass of the Fabarm XLR Composite Olive Green allows the mounting to standards of an optical.

12/76 caliber, the Fabarm XLR Composite Olive Green Limited Edition semi-automatic rifle is available with 71 or 76 cm gun.

caliber    12
Barrel length    71 and 76 cm
Bedroom    76 cm
chokes    INNER HP (3)
butt    Composite gun
slope to the busc    35 mm
heel slope    55 mm
Carcass    Ergal 55 - milling weaver, black anodizing
Weight    3.20 kg
Store capacity    2 + 1
Type of automation    Cardboard box