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Esca Tech D-Lead Test Kit - 20 Tests TSE#1366

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D-Lead® Test Kits for Lead Dust
D-Lead® Test Kits are ready to use, fast, simple, portable and provide immediate results. This kit will detect as little as 20 micrograms of lead and can be used to detect lead on surfaces, respirators, tools, clothing, and hands.

-Use to promote better personal hygiene by checking for the lead on hands after washing.
-Use on respirators to check the effectiveness of respirator cleaning procedures.
-Test tables, chairs, vending machines, microwaves, keyboards, phones, etc. for lead contamination prior to cleaning. After cleaning use to check the effectiveness of housekeeping and cleaning procedures.
-Use on firing ranges and for forensic testing for the lead from bullets.
-The D-Lead Test Kit is designed for the detection of lead contamination on surfaces. This includes skin, clothes, tables, chairs, respirators, etc.

It is not suited for detecting lead in oil, water, soil or paint.