Butler Creek

Butler Creek Eyepiece Flip-Open Scope Covers TSE#1529

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The most easily damaged pieces of your shooting or hunting equipment are your riflescopes and other optics. Inclement weather, harsh terrain, accidental trips or falls, and extreme foliage can lead to damage to your scope lenses.

Protect the eyepieces of all your optics with Butler Creek Flip Open Scope Caps and Covers. These Rifle Scope Accessories from Butler Creek help you stop telegraphing your position to your target in 2 ways. First, they avoid reflections that may alert nearby game animals to your presence. Keeping those lenses covered until the last possible moment is an important part of being stealth and being stealth is an important part of being a successful hunter.

Second, they open silently, so your target won't hear a thing and you can acquire a sight picture quickly. Butler Creek Scope Caps and Covers feature watertight friction mounts and O-rings that anchor the scope cover, making sure no dust, dirt, or moisture damages your glass. Keep your equipment looking and performing like new and never lose another lens cover. Buy Butler Creek Flip-Open Objective Lens Covers today to protect all your riflescopes, shotgun scopes or muzzleloader scopes and other optics.

Additional Features:
Ocular Cap Length: 1.388 in
Eyepiece Lens Diameter: 35.3 mm