ATA Arms

ATA Arms CY 12 Gauge Shotgun, Synthetic, 28" Barrel, 3 1/2" chamber

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There is something remarkably familiar about ATA Arms shotguns.

That’s because ATA Arms has been quietly producing other well known name brand shotguns for many years under the supervision of Turkish master gunsmith Celal Yollu.  Founded in 1997 as ATA Arms in Istanbul, they continued privately labelling their shotguns to other manufacturers, while saving their most innovative ideas for their very own ATA Arms line.  New for 2015, the Venza models complementing their signature “CY” series of gas operated shotguns, the beautiful slim “Neo” series of inertia driven models, classic “SP” over & under guns and reliable “Etro” pump actions. With the fit, finish and feel of a high end shotgun, all wood ATA Arms shotguns begin at a minimum Grade 2 Walnut utilizing the Beretta choke system.

The gun you’ve always known, at a better price than ever.

The classic CY, with its ultra light gas system and simple design, gives great reliability and makes both hunting and sport shooting trouble free.