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5.11 Tactical Level 1 6" Socks

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Level 1 6" Socks incorporate multiple compression zones that work in tandem with our Shock Mitigation System®. Made from a multi-polymer fabric, these socks are lightweight and utilize kinetic absorption to improve your stamina, speed, and control. Heel and sole reinforcements enhance performance and durability, and extra sole padding promotes all-day comfort. Moisture-wicking fibers keep you dry and focused, whether you're at your desk, en route to the action, or working in the garage. Smartly designed for a tactical life.

Comfortable, high-performance socks

Multiple compression zones for support

Ideal for office, tactical, and casual wear

Enhanced elasticity

Multi-polymer fabric

Compression zones

Heel and toe reinforcements

Enhanced sole padding

Part of the 5.11® Shock Mitigation System