Try Shooting

The Shooting Edge is a well-equipped, professional, fun and safe shooting range perfect for the novice and professional alike.

Whether you are a beginner, Olympian, hobbyist or shooting professional, we have the facility and expertise to provide the greatest shooting experience imaginable.

No reservations, gun licenses or permits required! We make the experience as easy as possible with a first come first serve policy for groups less than 6 people.


Licensed Shooters

If you have a PAL you are welcome to shoot at our range without the need to bring a friend or use the services of our Range Officer.  You may also bring your own guns and ammo providing they meet our safety standards and you have the appropriate license.

Here's a quick breakdown of how it works.

Step 1: Bring a Buddy

Unlicensed shooters must either be accompanied by a licensed shooter or be in a group of 2 or more. We will supply the guns and ammo as well as eye and ear protection. Unlicensed shooters will be supported by a Range Officer at all times.

Only licensed shooters can shoot alone.

Step 2: Paperwork/ID

Once you come in you will be required to fill out a waiver. If you happen to be the proactive type, you can fill them about ahead of time using the appropriate link below:

Licensed Shooters TSE Waiver 

Unlicensed Shooters TSE Waiver

Please note:
Government ID is required. You will not be able to shoot without it.
Those under 18 will require the waiver to be signed by a legal guardian.
(We don’t mean Uncle Buck or any adult present, this must be the child’s actual legal guardian.)

Step 3: Day pass

Day passes are priced per person and include your very own Range Officer, all day range access, firearm rental, 1 target, as well as eye and ear protection.

Please ensure you arrive at least two hours prior to closing time to ensure there is enough time to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Adults Monday to Thursday - $42 
Adults Friday to Sunday - $52

Child Monday to Thursday - $25
Child Friday to Sunday - $30

Professional shooters (Police, Military, Armed Security) please click here for special pricing and membership information.

Step 4: Guns and Ammo

Gun rental is included in your day pass. We have many different guns for you to try and we are always adding to the list. Options include Glock, Sig Sauer, HK, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Taurus and Ruger.

The price of ammo is dependent on which calibre gun you choose.

9mm = $30 for 50 rounds               .223Rem/.308Win = $40 for 20 rounds

.40S&W = $35  for 50 rounds         .357Mag/.44Mag = $12 for 6 rounds

.45ACP = $47 for 50 rounds           12ga/.410ga = $12 for 5 rounds

A good rule of thumb is to budget $75 - $125 per person per visit.

Step 5: Safety Briefing and off to the Range

Once you've filled out your waiver and picked out your guns, your trusty Range Officer will instruct you on proper safety and handling of your firearms. Once you’re comfortable you move on to the range.

Your Range Officer will be by your side the entire time to answer any questions and provide guidance.

Due to the time constraints to provide a proper safety briefing and a satisfying range experience, these safety briefings will not be started in the last two hours of store operations each day.  We don't want to rush our clients through the process and take your hard earned money for a sub-par experience!

If you love the experience you may wish to sign up for our PAL (Possession and Acquisition License). Once licensed, you may come to the range on your own with no need for a Range Officer.

Frequent visitors will benefit from a Shooting Edge membership

Please see our membership page for more information.