Retail Store


Would you like to try shooting for the first time? Join a club? Find some unique place to host a function, party or board meeting? Well, look no further as we are the place for you!

We take pride in providing our first-time guests and old time members with a clean, safe and modern facility. We are constantly upgrading and renovating so that we can accomplish this goal with gusto! We are located along a major route located next door to one of Calgary’s best indoor farmer’s markets.

To ensure the new and experienced shooter has the best opportunity, we have 3 separate shooting bays which have been divided into 16 separate stalls which give us ample ability to accommodate both large and small groups.

Our products are laid out logically in our extensive retail area with well-trained and knowledgeable staff eagerly waiting to assist you.

We also have 2 well-equipped classrooms and a lounge area for gathering before and / or after you enjoy the facility.

Our waiting areas are comfortable and our bathrooms are spotless and modern.

If you need something or have a suggestion to make our facility better, please do not hesitate to let us know.