Shooting is not just a sport.  It is a lifestyle, an image and personal self-expression.  It is a personal journey.

The Shooting Edge is about these people:  People who either already enjoy the shooting sports or want to experience it.

With almost 15 years of providing a clean, safe and modern facility, we have the experience and know-how.  Our solid track record and positive reputation stands for itself.

Our connection and commitment to the people and our community around us are clearly demonstrated by our donations of over $300,000 in goods and services to many organizations.


To provide outstanding service, supply quality products, maintain superior facilities and provide exceptional value to the shooting community.


To be the premier shooting destination in Alberta.


Integrity, in how we conduct our business.

Respect, in how we treat every customer and employee.

Commitment, to strive to be the best at everything we do.

Leadership in the shooting community.

Community involvement through philanthropy, volunteerism and support using our physical, financial and people resources.

It is our intention and desire to mirror these ideals everyday so that everyone we touch benefits.