About us


The Shooting Edge strives to bring you the most enjoyable shooting experience possible. We offer the community unsurpassed service, safety, and education. Through education and safety, we are strengthening the sport of shooting, and enhancing your experience at The Shooting Edge.

We are proud to offer Canadians

  • A family friendly, safe and modern shooting facility capable of using up to .50 BMG calibre firearms
  • Two fully equipped classrooms with multimedia capabilities
  • A well equipped gunsmith shop with licensed technicians
  • Ample parking and a well lit lot

If at any time you need additional information or wish to discuss a matter close to you, please do not hesitate to drop me a line

JR Cox, CD
President and CEO

We have proudly served Calgary and Canada for almost 15 years and is eagerly looking to make it 20!


JR first proclaimed his intentions to start his own firearms academy back in the late 1980’s. As a student running the S.A.I.T. gun club, it seemed like a pipe dream. However, The Shooting Edge (TSE) was eventually founded in 2000 by two friends who shared a passion for shooting and in fact competed with and against each other for a number of years.

JR took the reins upon his return to Canada from his second military tour in the Balkans. It wasn’t easy and not without the loss of many trees due to all the revisions and changes to the business plan. Tenacity won out and in September 2001 the keys for the current location were in hand. By December 2001 the retail area and pistol bays were operational and by mid-January 2002 the facility was complete.

There have been many changes over the years both to the facility itself as well as the people that work here. However, the vision has steadfastly remained the same.

Known as “Calgary’s Premier Shooting Centre,” The Shooting Edge has taken a progressive and modern approach to a unique industry and employed professional staff with decades of experience.

Over the past 15 years, we have expanded considerably in both size and offerings. Our courses have grown in number and we can proudly say that over 15,000 students have taken their PAL training through the Shooting Edge.

From our humble beginnings as military men with a passion for competition shooting, the business has grown from simply selling accessories in our spare time to now being a national industry leader.

As in all things in life, change is inevitable and in December 2009, JR, in his role as sole owner and president of TSE embarked on an aggressive renovation plan. JR did not just want to renovate the building; he wanted to reinvent the TSE experience.

The shooting industry is never without challenges and with the Calgary Farmers Market opening up next door, there have been a new host of situations. We believe TSE and the CFM are in a great position to grow together.

What we have now is a modern, clean and safe club. However, have no fear; JR is always thinking about the next project to lead this club forward.

The Shooting Edge is located in Calgary, AB, open seven days a week, and stands by its long-time statement that “All Are Welcome”.