The Shooting Edge

Restricted PAL Course

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  • $175.00

To register, contact The Edge at 403-720-4867 or email

This course is taken AFTER you have already successfully taken the non-restricted course as it continues on where the non-restricted course stopped.

This is the course that you will require to apply for the "restricted" portion of a firearms license. Most people take this course the day after they take the non-restricted course so that they may apply for both categories immediately.

Course runs every Sunday. Participants must provide 48 hours’ notice to cancel or re-book

If you take book this at the same time as your PAL Non-Restricted course the cost will be $299 + GST - a savings of $74!

There will be a $5 shipping charge per person for the book to be shipped to you if you are not in store to sign up for these courses to ensure that you receive the books prior to the course.

Firearms safety course fees include all books and training materials required.

As the course spans over a meal hour, we will also feed you!

Remember:  If you have taken your Non-Restricted and Restricted PAL training from TSE, we will give you a $100 credit towards your membership cost if transaction is completed within 60 days of your course date