Every world class athlete started at the same place – the beginning!

The first thing one needs to do if they want to be more than a casual onlooker is get a firearms license. This is a requirement to purchase both firearms and ammunition. It will also provide the safety training required to shoot in a range without supervision.

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course (PAL Non-Restricted): This 8 hour course, allows the novice to get a non-restricted (most hunting rifles / shotguns, etc) firearms license. We run this course on most SATURDAYS of the year.

The Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (PAL Restricted): This 6 hour add-on course, allows the enthusiast to upgrade a simple non-restricted license to include restricted firearms (handguns and some military looking firearms.) This can be taken immediately after PASSING the CFSC so that you can apply for this and the non-restricted at the same time. We generally run this course on most SUNDAYS of the year.
Courses booked by phone or email will incur a $5 shipping charge to have the course material forwarded to the attendees prior to the course date.

Once you are licensed, you may choose to take an additional course to improve your marksmanship and handling skills.

Basic Handgun Course: This 3 hour course is designed to take the novice and give them the basic marksmanship fundamentals associated with handgun shooting. Once you have this under your belt you should see a swift and steady improvement in your personal shooting skills and ability. No additional courses are needed. But expect your score to improve along with your dedication and practice.

If you would like to try some other disciplines in the “practical” shooting sports such as IPSC, IDPA or USPSA which involves moving and shooting, you will need to take additional training. For this, we have designed:

Basic Holster Course: This 6 hour course is designed to safely expose the student to the basics of practical shooting techniques using a holster. We would like to welcome you to the shooting community. We would like to welcome you to the shooting community.

While we do offer more training, courses and seminars, we would direct you to the descriptions page for specifics and schedules.