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Range Warrior Accessories Scope Rings Ultra Low 30mm TSE#24843

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Ultra Low Scope Ring, 30mm Tube, Nato/Picatinny Mount, 22.5mm/0.886″ Center Height
The Ultra Low Scope Ring is designed with precision in mind. These high-end clamps for 30mm scope tubes (accommodating up to 50mm objectives) are made from Anodized Aluminum and are available at a fraction of the competitor's prices. Smooth lines and shoulder bolts make for a slick look and exceptional quality.

There is nothing worse than having your scope move after you have spent the time to zero in. Well, I guess, waking up in the morning to find out that someone set your car on fire would rank up there, but that’s a story for another time. Our redesigned clamping system will keep your scope in place and keep you on target.


SKU: SR100-001
Weight    100 g
Dimensions    . cm