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Hodgdon Powder Co. H322 1 lb Powder TSE#4869

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This powder has won more bench rest matches than all other propellants combined. It provides match grade accuracy in small and medium capacity cartridges like the 223 Remington, 6mm PPC and the 7mm TCU. As a fine extruded powder, it flows through powder measures with superb accuracy. Available in 1 lb. & 8 lb. containers.

Hodgdon Powder offers one of the largest selections of quality smokeless propellants for rifle reloading. These powders are very popular with high power and long-range shooters, varmint hunters, and benchrest shooters.

Hodgdon's exclusive line of extruded rifle powders was developed to give shooters consistent performance load after load, in ever the most extreme heat and cold.

H322 provides benchrest accuracy in small and medium capacity cartridges such as 223 Rem, 6mm PPC, and 7mm TCU. A fine extruded powder that meters well through your powder measure.

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