Carl Zeiss Victory 8 x 26 PRF Rangefinder - BIS - Ballistic Information System TSE#5616

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Carl Zeiss Victory 8 x 26 PRF Rangefinder - BIS - Ballistic Information System
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Carl Zeiss Victory 8 x 26 PRF Rangefinder w/ Ballistic Information System 524561 is the world 's first premium monocular with digital laser rangefinding technology, an LED (light emitting diodes) display and integrated BIS (Ballistic Information System). This monocular is ideal for a hunter who demands optical excellence, precise range finding and accurate holdover information from a single, compact unit.
Lightweight and easy to use, the Zeiss V ictory 8 x 26 T PRF provides ranging from 10 to 1,300 yards using an invisible, eye safe laser beam. Its high measuring accuracy of ± 1 yard at ranges up to 600 yards and ± 0.5% at ranges beyond 600 yards makes it a must have for the most serious hunters. And it's fast. Measurements are displayed within fractions of a second and wide variations in temperature will not affect the measuring accuracy when used in temperatures between 14° to 122° F. One of the prime features of this high tech unit is its Ballistic Information System which determines the holdover (how many inches above or below the target the shooters need to aim at a given distance), thus greatly increasing the chances of an accurate shot.
The Victory PRF 's 330 ft. field of view and 8 x magnification, combined with advanced Zeiss technology, help make it possible to observe and range even smaller details at greater distances. The Victory PRF features a high performance, two element achromat in the 26mm objective lens. This sophisticated optical design, combined with Carl Zeiss' scratch resistant and highly transparent T lens coating, increases light transmission and reduces stray light to a minimum.
The high contrast, resolution and image brightness is also a result of the Carl Zeiss Victory 's red LED display which features automatic brightness control to self adjust to varying light conditions. The benefit: the Victory PRF 's LED display is significantly easier to read all day and especially when the light is dim and the background is dark, thanks to the red illuminated display vs. the dark symbols used in standard LCD 's (liquid crystal display) found in most of today 's range finders. Furthermore, monocular laser range finder equipped with standard, light-absorbing LCD displays have a highly reduced light transmittance of only 50% or less, due to their operating principle based on polarization, which represents a significant disadvantage for hunters, especially in twilight.
The rangefinder can be easily set to yards or meters and can also be operated in a scan mode for fast repeated measurements on small or moving targets. A unique feature of the Victory PRF is the one touch principle. Pressing the measuring button activates the red LED (light-emitting diode) reticle and when released, the distance is immediately measured and displayed. This produces less shaking than having to push a button twice as one must do with most other Rangefinders on the market, thus reducing the chances of a blurred image or inaccurate distance and holdover value.
BIS (Ballistic Information System): The BIS (Ballistic Information System), working in unison with the Laser Range Finder, provides accurate holdover information for 6 different common ballistics trajectories based on the most popular hunting cartridge. Hunters can access the BIS calculator on the Carl Zeiss website to view an extensive munitions database that will help them select the setting in the Carl Zeiss Victory that most closely matches the ballistic curve for their particular load. The BIS can also be set to work with 100 yard or 200 yard in plain sight distances. If the BIS is engaged, the hunter will see two measurements in rapid succession. The first reading will show the distance to the target and the second will indicate the holdover. For example, a second reading of H 8 means the hunter must aim 8 inches high to hit the target accurately at the given distance.
Mechanical and ergonomic design: The shockproof, lightweight housing is made of robust polycarbonate plastic that is partially rubber armored, making it particularly easy to grip. The large measuring button is positioned ergonomically and can be quickly operated, even with gloves. And thanks to the integrated Diopter adjustments and multi-position, twist up, lockable eyecup, the Victory 8x 26 can be used with our without glasses. For maximum steadiness, the Victory PRF should be held like binoculars - horizontally with both hands and supported by the arms. In addition, the Victory PRF is nitrogen filled to prevent internal fogging and waterproof up to the depth of three feet.
Compact, easy to operate and optically brilliant, the Victory 8 x 26 monocular by Carl Zeiss is the ideal instrument for observation, rangefinding and ballistic holdover information. For a full line of Carl Zeiss Rangefinders and other products by Carl Zeiss on sale please visit the Carl Zeiss page on our website. For more brand name rangefinders please visit our Rangefinders store section.

Specifications for Carl Zeiss Victory 8 x 26 PRF Rangefinder w/ Ballistic Information System:

Magnification: 8x
Objective lens diameter (mm): 26
Exit pupil diameter (mm): 3.25
Twilight factor: 14.4
Field of view (ft/1000 yds): 330
Eye relief (mm): 17.5
Height (in): 1.88
Width (in): 3.85
Length - front to back (in): 5.11
Weight (with battery - oz): 10.93
Diopter adjustment: + / - 3.5 dptr
Operating Temperature: 14° to 122° F
Battery: CR 2 (Lithium 3V)
Laser: Class I / 904 nm
Measuring Range (yards): 10 yds to 1300 yds
Accuracy: 10 - 600 yds +/- 1 yds and Over 600 yds +/- .5 %
Measurement time: Approx. 1.5 seconds maximum (Average)
Battery Life ( 68° F): >2,000
Display Brightness: Adjusts to Surrounding Light
Low Battery indicator: Yes (blinks)