Aimpoint Double Battery Module TSE#7692

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This double battery kit is for all Aimpoint PRO, CompML2, CompM2, CompML3, CompM3 Sights. This allows you to store an extra battery in your existing battery cap! Never pick up your rifle only to find out you've got a dead battery again!

Aimpoint Double Battery Kit 12247 allows you to keep a spare battery in an incredibly convenient spot: in the battery compartment of your red dot sight! The innovative design of this red dot sight accessory makes it simple to carry an extra battery for use with your Aimpoint red dot sight. Aimpoint has designed the cap with an extended length to fit an additional battery. The durable battery sleeve holds the primary battery in contact with the red dot sight, while the spare is held right behind it, ready for use should the first battery run out of juice!