Magpul Pmag17 part 2.

Magpul Pmag17 part 2.

Good afternoon,

I was looking at these new mags a little more analytically since last time, and was specifically looking at the differences between the Glock branded mags and the Magpul ones.  As previously stated, the Pmag17 is a noticeably lighter magazine.  As soon as I opened the package on the first one I looked at I could tell it wasn’t as hefty as the Glock magazine, so I weighed them.  The Pmag17 is ½ the weight of the OEM magazines at about 40g, versus 80g.  That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is noticeable in the hand when I am handling them.  I find that I can tell the difference even when they are loaded, when you’d expect that the weight of the ammunition would make it less apparent.  I don’t know if any of that makes a big difference in any meaningful way, but there you have it.

Without the steel liner that is found on the OEM magazines, the Pmag17 won’t stick to a magnet either. If you are looking at using these in competition, or even just practise for competition, you can’t use your magnetic mag pouches to hold them.  If that is something that is important to your shooting, it is something to bear in mind as well.

The Pmag base-pad is a little bit larger than the OEM pad as well, and again I’m not sure how that will affect your shooting.  The base-pad on the Pmag has a bevelled edge that feels comfortable in the hand while reloading, and not so large as to really be noticeable at all.

So far these magazines are shooting very well.  The first 3 boxes of ammunition through them have gone by without a hitch, beyond some variation in how difficult loading the last few rounds can be.  It looks like the minor placement variation on the rivet is causing slightly more or less pressure on the springs and followers.  This has no impact on the feeding, which is so far flawless.

More to come!

Colin D


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