Magpul Pmag17 for Glock 17s

Magpul Pmag17 for Glock 17s

Good afternoon everyone,

We brought in the Magpul Pmag17s a little while ago and they had prompted some questions from clients and staff alike.  Things like "Do these work with Gen 3 Glocks?" and "For almost 1/2 the price of a Glock magazine are they good enough?"

In order to serve everyone better, I'm looking to find out the answers for you!

So, here's the link to what we're talking about on our website:


Magpul has made another Polymer magazine following in the footsteps the Pmag AR-15 magazines that they have been very successful with for a long time now.  These are manufactured as 17 round magazines, standard Glock 17 size, with a highly visible orange anti-tilt follower and two 17 round witness holes.  For Canadian legal reasons these have been riveted to 10 rounds.  The base pad is removable for disassembly and cleaning.


I've picked up 5 of these to see for myself how they handle.  Here they are:

These are a very lightweight magazine when you first open the package, since they lack the steel liner found in a Glock magazine.  They do feel very rigid and sturdy, and fit is very good in the Gen 3 Glock that I'll be using.

Unfortunately the rivet prevents removal of the spring and follower during cleaning.  I’ll keep an eye on this as I use the magazines to see if it causes any problems.  With only the two small witness holes, I don’t expect a lot of debris to make it into the body of the magazines.  The rivet also makes getting rounds 8-10 into the magazine more of a struggle than I'd like, but it's needed to meet Canadian magazine limits.

More To Come!



Colin D


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