Good morning everyone, 

Here are some updates to the implementation dates of C-42

As of Sept 2, 2015:

POLs will be converted to PALs of the equivelent type.

ATTs will become a condition of the licence for PAL holders.

Elimination of POLs

Effective immediately:

CZ 858 and certain Swiss Arms family of firearms will be classified as restricted or non-restricted as they were prior to February 26th, 2014.

The RCMP have sent out notices that The CommonSense Firearms Licensing Act, Bill C-42, has received Royal Assent on 18 June 2015.

Upon Royal Assent, the following legislative amendments to the Firearms Act and Criminal Code come into effect:

  • Classroom participation in firearms safety training is mandatory for first-time licence applicants.
  • The Criminal Code is ammended to strengthen the provisions relating to orders prohibiting the possession of firearms where the individual is convicted of an offence involving Domestic Violence.
  • The discrestionary authority of the Chief Firearms Officers is subjet to limits by regulation.


Due to systems and process changes required to implement other elements of the legislation, those changes will come into effect after a period of delay. Three months after Royal Assent:

  • Streamlining of the licensing system by eliminating the Possession Only Licence (POL).  Existing POLs will be converted into Possession and Acquisition Licenses (PALs)


Nine months after Royal Assent:

  • Provide a six month grace period at the end of the five year licence period
  • Make Authorizations to Transport (ATTs) a condition of a licence for certain routine and lawful activities.