A message from JR about Membership Fees

In January we sent out a member satisfaction survey and I was very happy to see that over 90 percent of members reported being highly satisfied with their memberships. I was also equally happy to see that not a single person reported being highly unsatisfied! This tells me we must be doing things right. I want to thank you for your support and for choosing us to be your shooting range and for spending not only your membership dollars but also your free time at our range. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to improve our facility - I am always happy to hear your ideas.

However… I want to take this opportunity to rip the band-aid off!

On April 3rd, after holding the line for years, we are forced to increase the cost of our memberships.

These and renewals will be on par with other ranges in town and we are still keeping the spousal add-ons but changing them to “family” add-on.

We held off as long as we could, given the economic tide of the city, but costs just aren’t going down.

In order to soften the blow, members can also renew their existing memberships prior to April 3 for their current rate, regardless of when they come due, and we are offering a multi-year renewal until that time. If you wish to renew for 2, 3 or even 5 years at the current rate, please do!

We have also simplified the renewal process, so when you come in, make sure you only fill in the “one-pager” at the desk.

We also want to keep offering you great value for your membership and want to ensure you continue to have a great experience at our range, so we have made some changes specifically for our members:

1. We will be giving members year-round discounts on ammo and soft goods, 
2. We're expanding our members-only hours in the rifle bay, to include WEEKENDS! Yes, on Saturday and Sunday the rifle bay will be limited to full members with their guests and to those our staff bring through on our familiarization program.
3. We are offering a discount to our new custom shop for laser engraving or custom coating.
4. We will be implementing a new quarterly payment option for those that wish to budget payment over time.

I appreciate that no one likes to see prices go up, but the costs of operating have increased and I have invested heavily to continue to make this facility the premier shooting facility in Calgary. Thank you for your continued support. I am always here to answer any questions you may have. My direct email is jr@theshootingedge.com